Pamela's Story

“My paintings unveil
the unseen radiance
of beauty, hope and love,
which nourishes hearts
and makes all things new.”
-Pamela Pachmayr

Pamela Pachmayr was discovered at a young age for having artistic talent. She was accepted as a student into a weekly private oil painting class of adults. She went on to receive an Art Scholarship for college, studied abroad for a semester in Florence, Italy, traveled throughout Europe going from museum to museum, and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting, with a minor in Art History, culminating in a one-woman show. Her paintings were selected for shows in Italy, and throughout the US including California, Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, and Texas.

Despite early successes, due to personal circumstances, Pamela walked away from her dream of being a professional fine art painter, but she remained in creative fields with careers in graphic design, photography, photo restoration, and teaching digital arts. She then started creating digital art, and had the opportunity to paint with oils at a workshop. She said, “My heart felt like it burst alive when I started painting with oils again.” She was encouraged and told that “her sense of color and light were exquisite.” Painting with oils reignited the flame in her heart, and it kept growing brighter and brighter. Her art was totally different than how it had been earlier – it had a sense of light, beauty, and a divine spark that her earlier work had not had. She decided to work hard, transition away from her other work, take a step of faith, and courageously dive in to follow her dream of becoming a professional artist by completing Milan Art Institute’s Mastery Program. This brought her a renewed sense of purpose and joy, realized she was doing what she was made to do. She had undergone a huge personal transformation, had a renewed sense of identity, and was painting with divine inspiration and fueled by joy. She felt like she was finally doing what she was wired and designed to do.

Pamela currently works as a full-time artist out of her dedicated studio space. She thrives in Arizona, living with her husband, and their pet dog. Her work has been recognized and selected for numerous juried shows in Arizona where she resides, and she is an Artlink Articipant, a member of the West Valley Arts Council, and Arizona Artists Guild. Pamela loves connecting with clients and other artists around the world, building relationships and encouraging one another in their creative endeavors. She hopes to have her art find homes around the world, spreading beauty, light and hope. She encourages others to follow their creative dreams, having personally experienced the joy and fulfillment of living with purpose.